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Adaptive art. Respite. & Therapeutic play. Services - A.R.T.S.

Summer Camp - 204 Baker Rd. North Sutton, New Hampshire
Classes - Call to Schedule a class at our studio, 204 Baker Rd. N. Sutton

Classes & Camps


SESSION: A 1-on-1 lesson with a pediatric physical therapist turned ceramic artist. Projects are adapted to each student's abilities, taking into consideration individual challenges. Creating with clay, wood, fabric & paint can be a sensory experience, build upper body strength & coordination, challenge the imagination, teach emotional flexibility & promote multitasking. The goal is for each student to experience these benefits while having fun creating functional projects.
Students can also work with 1 instructor and 1 peer to encourage interactive & cooperative play skills.
All ages are welcome.

Weekly A.R.T.S. classes are held at 204 Baker Rd. North Sutton, NH. Call me to schedule a session - 603.927.4050. COST: $35 for 1 hour individual or small group session


Our classes & camps are designed to give parents a "much needed break". There are indoor & outdoor spaces available for parents to access our Lending Library & Resource Corner, have an informal play group or support group with other families, or just quietly get some work done. Local community agencies such as Pathways offer families Respite Funds. A.R.T.S. accepts this reduced respite rate to allow families to participate in all of our programs.
Currently, A.R.T.S. is working with educational & service providers in the area to create a collaborative Parent Support Group and Parent Workshops.

Please contact us for more information on classes and to register.

A.R.T.S.' students


SESSION: Art projects are adapted to each camper's abilities. Creating with various types of clay, wood & art materials offers an opportunity for sensory play, creative curiosity and to develop engineering skills. Projects are designed to challenge the imagination, stimulate speech, encourage social interaction with peers, build on personal strengths and discover prevocational skills. The goal is for campers to experience these benefits while creating functional art projects, and participating in recreational activities with peers.

A.R.T.S.' students

Camps are held for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week for a one-week sessions. A day at camp begins with opening circle to introduce the "theme of the day" & encourage appropriate greeting skills with peers. "Brain Gym" activities are then performed to awaken the body & the brain improving alertness & attention. Art projects are next, combining individual projects as well as group projects for cooperative play. Snack & Story Time provides a time to rest & refuel. Both the snack & story are related to the day's theme. The camp day ends with outdoor sensorimotor, gross motor play & recreational activities, followed by a closing circle.

A.R.T.S. - Camp is run by Cindy Best, a pediatric physical therapist turned ceramic artist. She is assisted by Carol MacDonald, a retired teacher and "Snack & Story Lady Extraordinaire". Other health care professionals and artists are subcontracted to assist, and junior & senior apprentices serve as both mentors to the children & camp assistants. Older campers are created paid summer employment positions. Summer camps are ideally designed for children & teens with special needs ages 4 to 17 years old. Exceptions are considered.

At A.R.T.S., we offer a caring and comfortable environment for the children to enjoy, and the parents/caregivers are assured that their child is in a loving safe environment.

Camps are run throughout the summer months. Each session runs for 1 week with camp held on Monday through Friday. There is a morning session from 9:30 AM-11:30 AM and an afternoon session from 1-3 PM.

Following is the Summer 2019 schedule:
June 24-28, 2019
AM Session: for Older campers
PM Session: for Younger campers

COST: $250 for the session. Cost includes all art project materials, firing of clay projects, instruction, recreational activities & snack. Returning Campers; Optional Sleepover (for older campers) on Fri, June 29, 2018 and please add $25 if you will be participating in the sleepover.
Please contact us for more information on Summer Camps. You may register on-line or download a form and mail to us.

Now that we are an "official 503C organization", we are working on obtaining grant money so we can offer scholarships. Local organizations such as Community Bridges and Pathways have granted A.R.T.S. students scholarships to attend summer camp.


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